New Members

A Guide to Getting Started with Beating Time

Joining Beating Time

Membership is by audition but you don't need to be an expert singer to join.  What you need is the ability to sing in tune and hold your line against the other three lines.  We learn our songs with the aid of learning tracks so there is no requirement to read music but if you do it will help.


The Audition Process

Potential members are welcome to attend rehearsals and get a feel for the group and the type of music that we make.
If you would like to audition, after a few weeks you will be asked to meet with the Music Team and do the following – all of which will have been practised with the group: 

  • Sing ‘Happy Birthday’

  • Sing a range of notes and rhythms

  • Sing a musical round that you have practiced with the chorus

  • Sing the Barbershop Tag that you have practiced with the chorus

If the Music Team is happy that you can sing notes accurately and hold your own line against the other three lines, you will be asked to sing your line in the song ‘Can't Help Falling in Love’.  Again – this will be rehearsed in the group and with the appropriate line leader in advance of the final audition.  For any part of the audition process, a recording may be taken, with your consent.

The final decision rests with the Chorus Director, who will inform you the week following your audition.

Who's Who

These are the people you should familiarise yourself with as soon as possible, once you've joined Beating Time

Management Team

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New Members: Jackie Ingram

Jackie is our New Members contact for any questions when you join Beating Time

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